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In this first volume of the All Things Impossible series by award-winning author D. Dalton, a banished evil has returned to ignite the fires of an ancient war. For the first time in elven history, the Crown of the Realm has been stolen, and the elven king and queen have been murdered. But young warrior Derora Saxen knows nothing of such things. She sets out from her village with her best friend Kelin to solve the mystery of an outlaw who haunts the human kingdoms. She does not know the immortal Chemmen have escaped the realm of darkness and plan to exact revenge on their hated enemies, the elves. And Derora does not know that by helping a stranger, she will be drawn into a struggle that began long before she was born. In the fires of an ancient war, a new hero will be forged. Readers who enjoy epic fantasy adventures like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Dungeons & Dragons will love Crown of the Realm! Check out all the books in the All Things Impossible series by visiting

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