We work with authors from concept, storyboarding, and script all the way through launch and distribution to guide them through the process of adding a book trailer as a powerful tool to their book marketing plan.

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Cinematic Book Trailer Pricing

We will bring your book to life like a feature film! Cinematic Book Trailers are elite, custom book trailer packages to create an eye-catching video for your novel or picture book.

All Cinematic Book Trailers include:
  • Custom Thumbnail – Eye-catching thumbnail to make your video stand out in search results
  • YouTube Distribution – We will upload your video to the ElectraFox YouTube portfolio and send you a link that you can share
  • Multiple Video Formats – We will deliver video files in multiple formats, optimized for different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Amazon Author Pages, Facebook etc.
15 Second Teaser
Script Development?
Media Search?
Stock Video?
Stock Music?
Stock Foley?
Dynamic Text?
Motion Graphics?
1 Revision?
Professional Voiceover?
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60 Second Extended
Script Development?
Media Search?
Stock Video?
Stock Music?
Stock Foley?
Dynamic Text?
Motion Graphics?
3 Revisions?
Professional Voiceover?
Up to 20s VFX?
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Express Book Trailer Pricing

Introducing: ElectraFox Express

Our fastest, most budget-friendly book trailers! ElectraFox Express are affordable book trailers we create based on genre, style, keywords, and current trends in literature. Each one comes with background music, stock video, dynamic text, and a 3D graphic of your book cover! Each video is hand-made by our team, so there’s no need for you to buy expensive video editing software.

If you are in a rush or you are looking for a budget-friendly book trailer option, browse our catalogue of Express Book Trailers and see if there’s one that will fit your novel! Or get a custom express book trailer tailored just for you!

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Client Testimonials

Karen Neary Smithson Author

I am thrilled that I decided on ElectraFox to create my book trailer! The entire process was not only interesting and educational but ElectraFox was a dream to work with. And the finished product–amazing! She was able to focus on the gist of the story and bring the characters and plot to life. If you are searching for a company to produce your book trailer look no further than ElectraFox. I wholeheartedly recommend this professional, creative, and outstanding firm.


Karen Neary Smithson / Author
Andrew Ramz Author

I’m delighted with the book trailer ElectraFox made. She is very creative, she proposes bright and original ideas on how things can work better with your project. She is very professional, and the quality of her work is perfect. You can’t go wrong hiring ElectraFox to design your book trailer.

@ andrewramz2019


Andrew Ramz / Author
jennifer haskin - author

“ElectraFox delivered not only with her amazing video trailer, but with her knowledge base and skill. She even had ideas for things I didn’t know I needed. My dealings with this company were so positive I am a customer for life.”


Jennifer Haskin / Author
Indie Owl Press

“Working with ElectraFox is always inspiring and energizing. She takes the beginning stages of an idea and turns it into a mesmerizing, motion-picture-quality, book trailer. Her meticulous eye for detail is unparalleled, and she goes above and beyond to help my clients take their book marketing to the next level with her memorable, eye-catching, book-selling trailers! I can’t recommend ElectraFox highly enough! ”

indieowlpress.com //@FreelanceOwl

Vanessa Anderson / CEO Indie Owl Press
JT Tenera

I didn’t even know that book trailers where a thing. The first time I saw Electrafox’s material on Twitter, I instantly knew I needed to have something like that. Her work was super fast, super effective, and super worth it! I am more than pleased with the Express Book Trailer I purchased and known exactly where I intend to go for my next one. Plus, how can you not adore that icon? Professional and friendly is the best way I can describe the service I received!


J.T. Tenera / Author

The video quality – LEGIT!

Music, voice over, editing – FANTASTIC!


Steven Viner / Author

Animated Book Covers

Bring your book cover to life with an Animated Book Cover by ElectraFox!

Animated Book Covers are moving images based on your existing book cover design.

Our Animated Book Covers available in two formats: as GIFs and MP4 video files and can be embedded on your author website, in your newsletters, and shared on social media.