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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It depends on your goals. Sometimes people release a book trailer ahead of a book’s publication date to generate interest and to drive pre-orders. (Sometimes this is done as part of a larger marketing push in order to try to make the book’s sale have higher numbers on launch day.) Other times, if a book hasn’t sold well, an author or publisher might choose to make a book trailer to give a boost to an old release. Also, an anniversary edition or updated book cover might prompt someone to want a book trailer. I’ve seen book trailers come out a few months and even a whole year ahead of a book’s actual publication and also book trailers come out a year after the book was already out.

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    Turnaround for Cinematic Book Trailers depends on calendar availability, but there is a 10 Day Rush Option available at checkout. Otherwise, production typically takes 2 – 6 weeks as the process of making Cinematic Book Trailers is time intensive.

    Express Book Trailer turnaround time is 7 – 10 business days with a 2 day rush available for purchase.

    Once you purchase your book trailer package, you will be contacted via email by our staff to discuss your book.

    All packages include YouTube distribution. We also offer an extended package where ElectraFox will help you upload your book trailer to all the most popular and relevant platforms on the internet. 

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