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Electrafox far exceeded my expectations! Right from the first draft of the script through to the final version of my trailer, I was impressed with my editor’s creativity, responsiveness, and quality of work. The visuals, voice-over, and music she chose perfectly captured the essence of my book, and I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely be using Electrafox again for my next book trailer!

Kate Birkin, Pulitzer-Nominated Author

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Pulitzer Prize 2024 Nominee

The Instant #1 BESTSELLER . . . Inspired by a TRUE STORY . . .

Set against the sprawling backdrop of 1930s Australia, Anna May Shahan is a wild child raised on a lush farm by the sea, always barefoot and playing in her neighbor’s secret garden. Her Aboriginal nanny teaches her the ways of the land, and she grows up to be a quirky, eccentric, and sweet woman. But she is not without her demons, as she struggles with bizarre behaviors and a haunting, dark side.

Soon after marriage, Anna inherits Sugar Alexandria, her family’s sheep station, and she and her Irish husband James lead a simple, hardworking life. That is until Anna’s beautiful widowed cousin Lottie returns from London after being absent for over a decade. Lottie confesses to Anna her heart’s greatest desire to have a child, and Anna, in fear of losing her beloved cousin again, seeks to grant her wish by means of her own husband. What happens next brings devastating consequences for them all . . .

A literary achievement and the most emotionally gripping book of the year, The Consequence of Anna is a complex historical family saga, intertwined with the haunting mystery of Anna’s mental illness and the secrets, lies, and revelations revealed through the hidden passions of Lottie and James. Layered with lush romance, obsessive love, the strong bond of female friendship, and the frightening effects of altruistic intentions gone wrong, this provocative and powerful allegory cuts through rules and boundaries and proves the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished!

Perfect for fans of Kristin Hannah, Kate Morton, and Ellen Marie Wiseman.

about the author

The Consequence of Anna Book Cover

Kate Birkin is the Amazon #1 Bestselling author of The Consequence of Anna. With degrees in English Literature and History, she is an accomplished author and ghostwriter of a dozen novels and two original screenplays. Her co-author and dear friend, Mark Bornz, has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering with a minor in Psychology. Together they enjoy working on their projects and writing as a team, thrilled that their stories have entertained millions of readers around the world.

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