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“A wonderful, moving story about love and loss, focusing on two generations: grandmother and granddaughter.”

-Marie W. Watts, author of the award-winning trilogy, Warriors for Equal Rights

A beloved home. Matters of the heart. Can an elderly woman find the key to saving her precious heritage?

Asheville, North Carolina. Elizabeth has a dilemma. After celebrating a milestone birthday, the feisty ninety-year-old anxiously contemplates a developer’s lucrative offer for her Blue Ridge Mountain farmhouse. Worried her adult children will pressure her to sell, the lively senior recalls how her journey to this forever home began back in the 50s when she met the man who would become her husband…

Present day. Amanda yearns to stop wasting time. After ending a dead-end, three-year relationship and moving in with her spirited grandmother, the thirty-four-year-old nurse sees her dream of marriage and kids vanishing. But when she meets a handsome widower at a hospital summit, she cautiously lets down her walls.

As Elizabeth’s memories take her back to when she was a hopeful young woman, she reveals how a horrific accident led to the ER and a charming doctor. While Amanda fears the worst when she overhears the enigmatic man she’s fallen for talking on the phone with another woman.

Do both women’s stories lead to a grand legacy and a lifetime of love?

In an emotional rollercoaster that interweaves the two women’s chance at a future, their parallel romances illustrate the power of resilience and hope despite heartbreak. And as one story comes to its twilight years while the other is just beginning, readers will fall hard for this poignant inheritance of happiness.

Elizabeth’s Mountain is an enchanting women’s fiction novel. If you like relatable characters, dual timelines, and multi-generational romance, then you’ll adore Lucille Guarino’s touching tale.

about the author

Paying tribute to her mother before she passed inspired Lucille Guarino’s first novel, LIKE WINE. Several years later in 2022, after amassing drawers full of half-finished stories and ideas of stories, she woke up from a dream and went straight to her laptop and didn’t stop until it was finished. And in March of 2024 ELIZABETH’S MOUNTAIN went from concept to publication and became a recipient of the Readers’ Favorite Award and the Literary Titan Gold Book Award.

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