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“A must read for anyone who loves epic, dark fantasy.” -Steven Searls, author of My Travels With a Dead Man

Deep within the rainforest, a group of students barely survive an encounter with an ancient boar. In doing so, they stumble upon a series of events that threaten to destroy their entire civilization. The Black Tide, the annual rampage of millions of giant ants through the rainforest, has been coerced by the Demon Queen to take a path that will send it tearing through the farmlands that support the Citadel, their home. While the adults frantically race to prepare for the coming disaster, one survivor, Malcolm, experiences violent visions of the past. He learns that he’s no longer alone in his own body. His revelations lead his friends to discover that many of the leaders within the Citadel are similarly possessed. Citadel of the Fallen is the exciting start of the much larger story told across the Rebirth of the Fallen epic fantasy series. Vivid and terrifying, but with an emotional depth that will keep readers yearning for more, JR Konkol weaves a complex tale, with a delicate balance of cinematic action and political intrigue. A vast, fallen world, with even deeper mysteries, is waiting, just a few clicks away. Unlock it today!

about the author

Citadel of the Fallen Book Trailer

My path to writing started with tabletop Role Playing Games. As with many, I started with Dungeons and Dragons. I wasn’t satisfied with the rules, so I started working on my own game. I tweaked it all throughout High School.

I started college with the thought of being a music major but got disenchanted with the idea after a few semesters. Something about an almost supernatural inability to stay awake when confronted with any type of chamber music made it a poor fit.

My RPG, Of Gods and Men, was taking shape, so I thought the better course was to learn to be a better writer. I switched my major to English, and eventually graduated with an English degree.