about the book

Allison Tinsley suffers from the tragic suicidal death of her husband Eric, the possibility of never conceiving a child, and the loss of her job. But prominent British fashion designer Basil Weatherford comes to her rescue. They feed off each other as Allison’s demeanor releases Basil from being a rake, while he brings revives the love she lost after Eric’s death.

about the author

Allison Tinsley

Influenced by a former English teacher high school teacher of mine, the late Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt, I didn’t get the writing bug until later in life. I’m an avid reader and fan of Tom Clancy, Stephen King, and, yes, even Nicholas Sparks. I write both romance and suspense genres to satisfy the tastes of both a husband and a wife. My approach is to be universally accepted into any family’s home, thus the crossover. I’m a father and proud to be a Brooklynite.