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Train tells the story of an American teenage girl coming of age living in Antwerp, Belgium with her family during the 1970s. This whimsical autobiographical fiction takes you on a journey of self-discovery and celebrates how the bewitching power of nostalgia can touch a soul and change a life forever.
When Louisa LaPlante, an awkward twelve-year-old, is uprooted from the only world she has known to a foreign country, she could never have been prepared for the wild storm that was ahead. She’s drawn into a new world of intrigue, misadventure-and danger. From calamitous journeys throughout Europe, developing a spiritual obsession with the Euro-pop music to meeting sketchy characters. And more surprises are thrown at her when she falls in love with a local boy who doesn’t speak her language, leading to bold choices with serious consequences.
Decades later, Belgium, is a distant memory and Louisa faces the crossroads of despair as a recent divorcee. But one day, her mother surprises her with a trip back to Antwerp, igniting a fever of nostalgia. She is transported back to those forgotten Euro-pop bands and lost memories as she heads on a plane to her past. Could this trip returning to her formative years be the salvation to her present-day torment? She’ll have to live it all over again-all the way back to the beginning-to find out.

about the author

Train by L.J. Woolfe

Lisa Woolfe resides in the rustic town of Southbury, Ct. with her two cats Spencer and Jasper. She works in sales at a steadily expanding international aerospace company. Her free time is spent either traveling the world or high-tailing it up to her second home on Cape Cod.

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