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I am thrilled that I decided on ElectraFox to create my book trailer! The entire process was not only interesting and educational but ElectraFox was a dream to work with. And the finished product–amazing! She was able to focus on the gist of the story and bring the characters and plot to life. If you are searching for a company to produce your book trailer look no further than ElectraFox. I wholeheartedly recommend this professional, creative, and outstanding firm.


Karen Neary Smithson

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Lights. Camera. Murder… In the aftermath of a series of brutal murders that spanned two continents, an Irish-born fashion model with a gift for exposing killers returns in the electrifying conclusion of The Beth Getty Mystery Series. Oscar-winner Zach Greyson, king of the box office, has been robbed of priceless art while his movie-star wife, actress Skye Andrews, stands accused of murdering a big-shot film director in cold blood. With Beth’s beloved childhood friend Dierdre recently murdered in Venice, Skye is one of the closest friends Beth has left. Could Beth’s starlet companion really be responsible for such a vicious crime? Skye begs Beth to use her fey – a psychic intuition that has already allowed her to thwart murders and unmask killers – to clear her name. But with Skye’s fingerprints on the bloody knife found at the scene, Beth’s fey, her once-trusted intuition, falls silent – threatening to leave Skye imprisoned for life… Beth couldn’t save Dierdre. What if she can’t save Skye either? As Beth grapples with the sudden silence of her fey, she searches for clues in the text of an unsolved Hollywood murder from a hundred years prior, a near-exact parallel for the murder mystery unfolding before her. Are these two cases – separated by a century – somehow connected? Is the thief responsible for the stolen paintings a crazed killer bent on pinning Skye for a murder she didn’t commit? Time is running out for Beth to wrap this mystery before the final “cut” is called… “Death Cut proves yet again Karen Neary Smithson’s absolute mastery of the murder mystery genre. Vivid characters, cinematic prose, and thrills around every turn! The suspense had me riveted; I couldn’t put it down! This book is an extremely satisfying conclusion to an epic series. I loved it!”

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Death Cut by Karen Neary Smithson

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