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Karen Neary Smithson

Death Unmasked - Plot Synopsis

Venice, an evocative and bewitching city of canals, art, romance, and . . . murder.

Irish born fashion model Sibeal “Beth” Getty’s sixth sense never issued a warning that her romantic honeymoon in Venice would be derailed by a murder. Beth’s discovery of a body floating in a canal with a carnival mask glued to the victim’s face was bad enough, but when her detective husband warns her to leave the investigation to the police, she becomes more determined to unravel the puzzle. She believes the mask is sending a cryptic message—but to whom—and does the intriguing tattoo on the dead man’s arm offer a hint? Knowing that meddling in the case will cause marital friction, Beth cannot abandon the call of her gift—her fey—her second sight which is signaling her to join the search for the elusive killer.

It’s not long before another murder occurs with the same haunting mask, but this time the victim isn’t a stranger. This death hits close to home and heightens Beth’s resolve to unravel the mystery surrounding the homicides. She navigates twisting back alleys and meandering waterways in search for clues while trusting her intuition for guidance. She comes up empty until she stumbles across items belonging to both victims. A hunch takes a menacing turn as she embarks upon a harrowing ordeal that leads to a head-on confrontation with the killer.

Will Beth’s fate be sealed to a watery grave with her face obscured by a carnival mask?

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Death Unmasked by Karen Neary Smithson

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