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My novel is a 1950s Sci-Fi Drama. Not the easiest elements to bring to life in a cinematic book trailer. Yet ElectraFox did it brilliantly with finesse and skill. From finding just the right imagery to accurately convey the time period, to pacing it thoughtfully so as to build a mounting narrative, to avoiding all of the often-used tropes many trailers employ to evoke interest. This trailer evokes wonder. I could not be more thrilled with the finished result. ElectraFox is the way to go if you want a trailer expertly crafted from a team dedicated to client satisfaction. 


about the book

“Cate jumped, you fool…”

A year after the tragic loss of his wife, Gillen Rainer is struggling to find closure. Unanswered questions linger even for his thirteen-year-old daughter, who is seeking solace in a memory far beyond her recollection. It’s October 7th, 1957… As Sputnik orbits the globe every ninety-six minutes, Gillen and his team are set to announce a surprise of their own. The Alignment — a portal connecting the earth and the moon — is ready for visitors, effectively ending the space race before it has even begun. But at the moment of their greatest achievement, disaster strikes, forcing those involved to confront the unrelenting power of past decisions and past loves in this beautifully written, literary suspense novel.

about the author

All the Moonlight on Earth

Jesse Muehlbauer is a novelist and essayist. After having lived on both coasts, he returned to his hometown in Wisconsin where he met his lovely fiancée, Poe. 

All the Moonlight on Earth is his debut novel.

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