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John David Graham

I bought the book The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride specifically because the trailer was so intriguing. So when my novel was ready for publication, I contacted ElectraFox, who had done the Five Wishes trailer.

Not only did they capture the intense emotional tapestry of Running As Fast As I Can, but the trailer they designed became the focus of my book release.

The trailer was so effective, I had ElectraFox do several more short videos for the ongoing promotion of my novel.

I credit ElectraFox for the successful launch of my debut novel.

John David Graham, Award-Winning Author

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“Truly a Masterpiece” 
Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Review


Daniel’s story, with its harrowing social themes, conveyed through an intense personal odyssey, bridges the gap between literary and commercial fiction. It would be enjoyed by readers who were moved by the heartbreaking, yet hopeful narratives of Forrest Gump and Where the Crawdads Sing. RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN vividly portrays a traumatic period in our history, while grappling with intense emotional and social issues we still face today.

It is an epic journey for love and forgiveness. Most important, it is a page-turner story that readers will identify with because it is, on some level, everyone’s story.

about the author

Running As Fast As I Can - John David Graham

JOHN DAVID GRAHAM is the founder and executive director of Good Samaritan Home, a non-profit social service agency in Ohio, offering ex-offenders reentry housing and mentoring support. He is the author of an academic book, Citizen Circle: A Mentoring Model for Rehabilitating Ex-offenders in Darke County, Ohio, that documents the positive impact that mentoring ex-offenders has on the community.Prior to that he was a door-to-door salesman, a children’s home counselor, substitute school teacher, truck driver, fireman, building contractor, minister and a journalist. Sometimes the road home takes many twists and turns.That long and winding road is the best preparation for writing. John’s philosophy is the best writing occurs after a life has actually been lived-when we have had time to develop calloused hands and a tender heart.His current novel, although fiction, is the very real story of too many of us who struggle to overcome generations of poverty, neglect or abuse that have left us totally incapable of the life, and love, we desperately want. It is everyone’s story because we all deserve a second chance.

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