About the Book


A totally unputdownable sci-fi thriller where a teen girl and boy rescue an orphaned baby from immortal monsters during an extinction-level event. The trio soon discover the people they run to for help… are the monsters they should truly fear. (Ages 13 – Adult)

An airborne virus twisted all adults on the planet into immortal monsters that hunt children each nightfall. These creatures can never die. But they can kill. And the infection is spreading.

Days shy of fourteen, Amaia knows she can’t save the world. She’s got snark and attitude for days, but the upper body strength of a hamster. When Amaia teams up with the cute boy from across the street to rescue an orphaned infant from a horrifying fate, the pair of teens must dig deep for their courage and level up their survival skills STAT. The baby’s cries are a screeching dinner bell for hordes of hungry geists, and if Amaia can’t keep this baby quiet, she’ll be next on the menu.

As Amaia fights both for her new family’s survival and to uncover the truth of her older brother Carlos’ disappearance, a civilization poisoned by fear threatens to destroy anyone she dares to love.

Amaia will find the people she runs to for help… are the deadliest monsters of all.

MORTAL TETHER is YA post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction with an all-teen cast appropriate for ages 13 and up. Its core themes include how fear-driven tribalization disintegrates society, the fight to preserve innocence in the brutal world our parents built, as well as explorations of faith and family from a coming-of-age perspective. An expertly crafted combination of heart-pounding thrills intertwined with tender moments that stay with you long after you turn the last page.

About the Author

Mortal Tether Book Cover

Before embarking on her career as an author, Candice Jarrett has been known as an award-winning songwriter who performed on stages and television shows around the world. In addition to songwriting, Candice also wrote a play which was produced Off-Off Broadway in New York City.

Mortal Tether is the second novel Candice has written, but the first she has published.

Candice adores looking for seashells at the beach, eavesdropping on the conversations of songbirds, swimming with sea-turtles, Scrabble, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She lives in a motorhome with her husband (and puppy!) and goes where the road and her heart takes her.