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From the very first moment of engagement with Electrafox, Candice consistently gave me expert advice and guidance, from the honing of the text to the selection of the music and graphic backdrop.  She never hesitated to accommodate my suggestions during the feedback process – and she greatly improved upon those suggestions.  The result is a strong and vivid product and, frankly, all credit goes to her amazing professional skills.  I could not be more pleased with outcome, and I would highly recommend ElectraFox to anyone wanting the very best in a compelling book trailer.

Michael Fletcher – Author

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To Hunt a Holy Man brings to mind the likes of Graham Greene and Brian Moore. Readers will be moved by the depth of characterization and plot which is as intriguing as it is important.” -Ron Felber, bestselling author of A Man of Indeterminate Value

Leaving the raw battlefields of Vietnam, To Hunt a Holy Man, cuts across the rich cultural landscape of Buddhist Thailand. Its characters are enmeshed in war-born adventure, danger, sexual encounters, and spiritual quests. Both Hunter and Holy Man have everything to win-but someone has to lose.

The Holy Man is a US Army Catholic priest who flees Vietnam. Longing to complete his spiritual journey, he disappears into Thai Buddhist monastic life. The Hunter is a God-hating, lone-wolf antihero. His plan to claim his trophy is thwarted by an alluring Thai policewoman, and a jolting religious experience. He is staggered, but is he redeemed? Or will he claim his prize and bring the priest back to Vietnam in shackles?

Much more than just a hunt, Fletcher skillfully presents the reader with an exotic and fascinating spiritual journey through Southeast Asia. He shows that, 50 years on, there are still powerful lessons to be learned from that infamous war. To Hunt a Holy Man uses edgy language and noir images, but any flinching by the fainthearted will be salved by the story’s redemptive ending. Buy this book. A compelling read, it will beat with the spiritual yearnings of your heart. 

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To Hunt a Holy Man

Michael Fletcher has worked in international humanitarian relief programs for 35 years, primarily with United Nations Peacekeeping and the United Nations World Food Programme. He served in Cambodia, Rwanda, Uganda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, East Timor, Israel, and Darfur-Sudan. He’s lived and worked in Thailand and Cambodia, and throughout Southeast Asia since 1971. Fletcher served in the United States Army for seven years, including three years with Psychological Operations in support of the Cambodian government during the War in Vietnam. He holds a BA (Arizona State University), an MBA (Syracuse University), an MAR (Yale University), and a Doctor of Letters in Creative Writing (Drew University).

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