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A Dream Come True - Plot Synopsis

Jaeden Phillips is not an ordinary seven-year-old child. While other children dream of material things, all Jaeden wants is something that goes beyond the extraordinary. His friends and relatives know how special his dream is, but what nobody knows are the noble, tender, and pure intentions that he keeps secret.

Through his determination, love, and faith, Jaeden carries out his master plan to change his life and make true what he desires the most. Soon afterward, when things seem to improve, he falls ill and is diagnosed with a strange disease that turns his world upside down. But what Jaeden does not know is that this will be that path that will take him on the adventure of a lifetime.

A Dream Come True is an emotional and moving tale that adults will love. A story that reflects on how beautiful and wonderful human beings can be when interacting with others in intimate moments. A Dream Come True is a lovely and memorable novel of human closeness.

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