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First, I need to say that the ElectraFox website has a very user-friendly interface and interesting trailer offers. These two factors are what encouraged me to give it a try. I chose the Custom Express option, which had an affordable price. Placing the order went very smoothly.

The process of creating the trailer for my dystopian novel turned out to be a very exciting experience. My editor (Candice) demonstrated an extremely rich artistic imagination and the ability to select visuals that reflected best the specificity of my book. She also gave me the option to choose the soundtrack and stock footage video that suited my needs. Candice proved to be not only a talented artist, but also a person of great culture. She was open to suggestions and implemented them during the process of creation.

The final result exceeded my expectations—I received a really marvelous piece of work that I can publish on my website and use as a powerful tool in my book marketing plan. I definitely will look forward to work with ElectraFox again.

Adam Wodyk / Author

Plot Synopsis

In this dystopian future, teenage actors are forced to live out their characters’ adventures in real-time…

Everything featured in the movies of Emperial, the largest of the Seven Metropolises, is real and is broadcast live on TV and on screen.

Max Stranger never knows what might happen during his performance in the film. Like the other Actors, he is sedated beforehand so that the film coordinators can turn on an artificial consciousness hidden in a special nanochip in his brain. The Actors call this consciousness the Movie Character. When Max starts to play the role under the control of his dormant mind, coordinators send thoughts to the nanochip, forcing the Character to do everything that the script requires.

The worst scenario begins when the ruthless Autarch approves a great production: a post-apocalyptic serial – Seven Players: Season 1 that will have its setting in a ravaged wilderness inhabited by mutated creatures. Max and his girlfriend, Lara, are chosen to play the starring roles.

Death can lurk at every turn out there. Anyone can die. Even the leading actor…

Packed with action, mystery and suspense from page one, this gripping dystopian thriller is driven by compelling characters placed in impossible situations.

Previously published as Seven Players.

Reader Reviews

“While the book has some common elements like mind control, nano chips, and mutants, the plot itself was unpredictable.”
—Donna Emperador, Amazon

“This book is a sci-fi, drama, and romance built into one and the way it’s constructed is so fascinating with a surprise on every page so, it’s sure tough to stop reading.”
—Meghan, Amazon

“It is reminiscent of themes surrounded by the political anarchy and royal entertainment from The Hunger Games, fused with the repercussions of succumbing to a transhumanist agenda through mind-control implants.”
—Slmarie, Goodreads

“Although young readers are the aimed target, the good and balanced blend of mystery, adventure and suspense makes this book suitable and enjoyable for all readers of this genre.”
—Nela, Goodreads

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