Plot Synopsis

Lanie Ricci is a Yankee, a fashion conscious liberal and a pacifist. She grew up in New York City, in a catastrophically dysfunctional family and when she met charming and sexy Junior, she thought he was the answer to her hopes for a happy life and married him. He wasn’t. Now that he is dead by her own hand, and with the help of her best friend Lisa, she escapes to the Deep South to start over. Her first event is attending a wedding in a double-wide, where she meets an enigmatic senator’s son. Not long after beginning their steamy affair, Lanie becomes the target of an unseen predator who seems more than a little familiar with her past. Is her new man Prince Charming or the devil in disguise? When her past threatens her present, Lanie and her best friend go on a fact-finding journey to get answers. Their lives depend on it.

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