What The author says

I am beyond pleased with my book trailer created by Candice at Elecrafox! It is attention-getting, yet simple, professional, and not overdone. I ordered my trailer expedited as my book recently came out. The process was very easy and timely. Candice obviously took great care to understand the concept of the book. The trailer, from the music chosen, to the colors on the screen, are all tailored for my book specifically. It was a great experience, and I will do it again with the next book. 

Kathie Giorgio / Author of Hope Always Rises

Plot Synopsis

“Rich with empathy, humor, and imagination, Giorgio paints a beautiful picture of the afterlife that is a balm for anyone who has ever lost someone.” –Marisa  Dondlinger, author of Open and Gray Lines

In Heaven, there is a gated community for those who end their lives by choice. This is a complete surprise to 43-year old Hope, who ends her life one morning on the banks of the Fox River in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Hope has always dealt with deep sadness. From childhood on, she visited therapists, doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, Reiki artists, etc., to no avail. In Heaven, God reassures her that he knows what caused the sadness, but he won’t reveal it yet.

All community residents are required to attend weekly group therapy. Hope’s first group is led by Virginia Woolf.

Several of the book’s chapters tell the stories of other members of this group. Filled with many moments of striking humor, uplifting realizations, and difficult challenges, Hope finds her way in Heaven.

She meets many people like herself, who help her restore her forgotten artistic talent and passion, and God himself, who is amazingly human in the most inhuman of ways. Hope finds understanding and forgiveness, and most importantly, friends.

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