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JT Tenera

“I didn’t even know that book trailers where a thing. The first time I saw Electrafox’s material on Twitter, I instantly knew I needed to have something like that. Her work was super fast, super effective, and super worth it! I am more than pleased with the Express Book Trailer I purchased and known exactly where I intend to go for my next one. Plus, how can you not adore that icon? Professional and friendly is the best way I can describe the service I received!”


J.T. Tenera / Author

Secrets of the Sealed Forest - Plot Synopsis

He had played too many late night video games. It was the only way Joseph Erift could explain the odd dream that started his day. From there, things only get stranger. He encounters an elderly gentleman he has never seen at his school who tells him to expect something exciting at home. Sure enough, an envelope arrives in the mail. It’s an invitation for him and his best friend, Eric Castis, to an exclusive gaming event on an island resort. Yet there’s a catch; it tells them to come alone. They decide to take the risk, but the unexpected summer trip following their junior year doesn’t go as they hoped. Now Joseph isn’t sure what worries him the most; the exploding inventions of a coffee-addicted professor, the old stranger that continues to follow him, or the REAL Magic awakened by a troubled young man who has stolen the professor’s research.

Erift’s Journeys is a high-level Middle Grade to Young Adult Urban Fantasy. Whether you’re young and dream of seeking adventure, or young at heart and never stopped dreaming, this is a read for all ages.

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