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A Simple but Powerful Trailer

Because it is a psychological thriller, I wanted a simple but powerful trailer for my novel. I came to the right place. Candice immediately understood what I wanted and was responsive to my requests regarding choice of music. The entire process was seamless and stress free. Plus, there were options and price points to suit any budget. In my work as a publicist for small press authors, I am often asked where to start and how much to spend when it comes to getting a good book trailer. Based on my recent experience, I will recommend ElectraFox to clients looking for professional and affordable book trailers.

Kathleen Eull / Author and Director of Pyxis Creative Solutions, LLC

Intercessions: A novel

Some secrets are too dangerous to tell and too dark to keep…
When young Corianne Dempsey and her best friend, Rebecca, are approached by a stranger on their way to school, only one girl makes it home. When Rebecca turns up dead, Corianne’s childhood ends abruptly.
Growing up in the long shadow of this event, Corianne is now a conflicted young woman seeking solace in dangerous places. Her hauntingly-dark dreams begin crossing into waking life, hinting that the past she remembers may be a lie.
Driven to make sense of what is happening, she returns to the only place she feels solid, the farm that provided an escape all those years ago, and the one person who has never judged or blamed her—the husband of her mother’s best friend.
With his help she begins to let in the darkness she has tried so hard to shut away and learns that truth and healing are even more complicated than she imagined.
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Kathleen Eull is a novelist and poet. Her debut novel Intercessions is forthcoming from Black Rose Writing in November 2023. Her poetry has appeared in Emergency AlmanacEchoesKNOCKpith and as part of the Verse and Vision II project at Gallery Q in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. In addition, her interview with poet Scott Zieher appears in his second book IMPATIENCE. Kathleen is the owner of Pyxis Creative Solutions, LLC and for the past 12 years has worked as a publicist specializing in the promotion of small press authors. Learn more on kathleeneull.com.