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Mortal Tether by Candice Jarrett

Mortal Tether is Candice Jarrett‘s debut novel! A YA dystopian sci-fi fans of Stranger Things and Lord of the Flies will adore.

The Cost of Saving a Life is Steep

Ashes rained down from the heavens, carrying with them an airborne virus capable of twisting all adults on the planet into immortal monsters that hunt children each nightfall. These creatures can never die, but they can kill.

And the infection is spreading.

When forces of both good and evil plot to trade innocent lives for the survival of the human race, Amaia must risk everything to save the only family she has left from a horrifying fate.

Amaia will find the people she runs to for help… are the monsters she should truly fear.

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Book Trailers for Kids

Book Trailers for Kids” is an easy-to-follow step by step guide to help your child make a book trailer to use use for a school project, book report, homework assignment, or just for fun! In addition to being a how-to-guide, this book also has a handy worksheet,  storyboard templates (paperback version only), tips & tricks, and filming checklist to make your kid’s book trailer project go smoothly! Also available an an eBook!

Book Trailers for Kids” is an important lesson that will exercise the following skills:

  • reading comprehension
  • writing skills
  • critical thinking
  • organizational skills
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Unwind your mind with the #1 coloring book for Adults and Teens. Spirit Animal Stress Relief Coloring Book is a creative meditation book for adults and teens featuring soothing designs inspired by nature. This book features:

* SINGLE-SIDED PAGES: prevent bleed-through so you can proudly display your finished work in a photo frame if you desire.

* 16 SPIRIT ANIMALS: channel each animal’s strengths including wisdom, courage, stamina, hope, and more.

* PLUS RELAXING ETERNAL PATTERNS: deeply rooted in spirituality and inspired by the circular power of nature including flowers, the sun, the earth, and clouds.

* SPIRIT ANIMALS include: Lion, Owl, Butterfly, Sea Turtle, Elephant, Fox, Panda, Wolf, Phoenix, Rhino, Zebra, Deer, Dragon, Cobra, Cat, and Bird.* Suitable for Adults and Teens

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105 Butterflies: A Butterfly Coloring Book

If you want a coloring book that makes your heart so happy it gives you butterflies, “105 butterflies” is for you! This coloring book has a range of designs from easy beginner patterns suitable for children to advanced, intricate patterns adults will enjoy. This book features high resolution, gorgeous illustrations that include not only butterflies, but also blossoms, wreaths, floral sprays, and more! Single-sided printing helps prevent bleed-through and allows you to frame your artwork or repurpose your colorings for other crafts if you so desire.

Share your butterflies with the world by using the hashtag #105Butterflies on social media!

Coloring books are great for all ages and boast a wide array of benefits including relaxation, stress-relief, anxiety reduction, and increasing mindfulness.

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